Tuesday, December 1, 2009

City Center Opens in Las Vegas: Viva Cash Flow

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Amazingly beautiful and an amazingly expensive mega-project opens today in Las Vegas called City Center. It is the most expensive commercial project to be created on the Las Vegas Strip.

The different commercial buildings and parts of the City Center project open on different days. Vdara, in the luxury resort and residential category kicked off the City Center grand openings Dec.1.

Mega super-luxurious shopping opens next with that portion of City Center being called Crystals with 500,000 square foot of retail shopping, dining, and entertainment. Many talented performers were hired to open the Elvis themed- Cirque Du Soleil show opening in City Center. If you loved Elvis, be sure to book your show tickets for your next Vegas trip.

Mandarin Oriental hired hundreds of new employees for the opening of their City Center Hotel which will take place Dec. 4, 2009.

New jobs were created by Eva Langoria Parker for her newest fine-dining restaurant at City Center called Beso and her hottest new nightclub. She's definitely betting on good cash flow from her Vegas entrepreneurial efforts.

Aria in City Center has the resort and casino. Many of the people who are involved in staffing the casino told me that they were offered only part-time employment and that they were happy to be employed, but disappointed not to have full-time work since they need money and benefits. Medical insurance is definitely an issue for many people in Las Vegas.

We are happy that this huge project is kicking off before Christmas and New Years and will be source of cheer for many. We're betting it will all work out to the benefit of the Las Vegas economy and be a great source of new fun and excitement.

Las Vegas is constantly redefining and re-inventing entertainment and dining experiences and that makes people keep returning and bringing money with them. New and exciting is great for our economy.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Job Fairs a Great Place to Network for Success

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When you go to a job fair, please, have resumes for distribution to potential employers and have business cards or something else printed to give to people who you meet and connect with at the Job Fair. It's so amazing to know that if you reach out to other people and talk to people you can learn more, and possibly open doors you didn't know existed.

Las Vegas has such high unemployment at this time and the most amazing part of the equation is that thousands of those unemployed has extremely advanced business and leadership skills and have either previously owned or run companies or have all the skills necessary to be their own boss.

Try to maximize your opportunities at any and all events you attend so that you can be encouraged along the way to success and so that you can also be supportive of others who are in a period of transition. Try to find the positive factors of your unemployment as a path that will take you in a whole new direction in life. Talk to people, ask questions, do your homework, and network, network, network.

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Job Fairs Success Compliments to Greenspun Media

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As many of you know, I've been pretty disappointed in many of the so-called "Job Fairs" hosted in Las Vegas over the last 3-4 months and I've shared my thoughts publicly about this. My compliments go out to the Job Fair held at the GreenValleyRanch Resort and Casino or GVR for short on August 20, 2009 . The GVR Job Fair was very-well presented , professionally organized and conducted with hospitality and courtesy , it had a balanced combination of employers, employment services and education companies, support agencies such as AARP, and much more media company participation than many other recent Job Fairs. Still. the number of jobs actually being filled at each participating company was very small, just a handful of jobs, nothing huge.

In interviewing business people in Las Vegas this week the topic of conversation was about the City Center and how they will be deciding who will fill their positions in many departments over the next 30 days and then as these people accept their new jobs at City Center, other jobs throughout this city and other places will also become available. This is a start of job movement that we desperately need in this city. Jobs move the economy. If you don't have money, you can't spend it. Not like before when if you didn't have the cash you could reach for a credit card.

Credit card companies have cut so many people's credit lines it isn't funny. We are at a point when people need real spendable dollars and we're looking to companies to create jobs soon.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Job Search Online Internet Privacy Issues

Our computersImage by aranarth via Flickr

It's a fact that there are thousands and thousands of people who are taking their job search efforts online to the Internet. It's great to have online jobs posted and all the possibilities in the market that just didn't exist five to ten years ago. The scary part of being involved online is the loss of privacy for your personal information.

We'd love to believe that everyone is honest, and has good intentions. We are finding out, sadly, that there are many people going online to take advantage of others and they are having a field day .Innocent people are at risk because the online sites are growing faster than authorities can police the problems.

How can a person take advantage of online postings and yet keep their privacy of their home phone number and personal information at a distance from possible wrong-doers?

One idea is to go online and claim a totally different web domain for yourself such at http://www.bestdomainscheap.com and get a unique email address that is only for use in your job search. When you have found and accepted the position you want, you close the site and stop using the email address. While the site is active, you can direct all responses to your job applications to that email address.

For telephone contact there are new ways to get a separate cell phone number that is again, only for your job searches and it's not your home phone number. Many job searchers putting their personal information and personal home phone number out in cyberspace are reporting incidents of unwanted solicitations from people wanting them to spend money, not make money.
Worse yet, the more information you post in cyberspace, the more you face potenential identity theft.

Be extremely careful in your job search where and when you actually divulge your social security number. This will open you up to the biggest dangers for identity theft. If you have any doubt about the employer, verify the legitimacy of the company before you risk giving them the key to your personal life with all your personal, private information.

We've seen lots of television ads in Las Vegas promoting a company called MetroPcs with unlimited calls for about $30 a month and unlimited texting for about $4. This might be a great alternative for a short-term solution to keeping your real information private. We're not recommending any specific cellphone or mobile service just offering the idea of keeping your home phone as private as possible. Do you feel you get enough extra phone calls at home already that you'd rather not answer?

Many people also use PO Box addresses obtained from the Post Office for reasonable rates or at private companies which offer box services so that they do not provide their true street address. Remember that items in cyberspace and wind up around the world in a fraction of a second.
Good luck on your job search and as always I pray for your safety, prosperity, and happiness.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Networking For Success: Anytime, All the Time

A crowd of peopleImage by Steffe via Flickr

It's a crazy world out there and it's moving faster than the speed of light. If you ever think you're all prepared for success, there's something new that you don't know about. It may be the old school way to stay successful called networking, but it's more important now than ever before.

We've all been on the internet and lots of us are now using lots of technology that didn't exist five years ago. If you text more than talk to live human beings, it just might be time to start networking. The old saying " It's not what you know, but who knows you" still applies. You just never know when you need to connect with someone for a job or a job-saving bit of advice.

I had a great conversation with the Founder of ExecuNet, Dave Opton, and learned that it could never hurt to be part of a private membership networking group to connect with more people to sustain my success. With more than 20 years of networking experience which started before the internet and keeps on connecting people you might want to check out ExecuNet.com

We're doing more ever day to help people fill in the gaps and make the connections they need or get the skills they want for success, growth, and prosperity.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Las Vegas Job Zone : Job Fairs

City of Las VegasImage via Wikipedia

Las Vegas is an amazing city with thousands of workers who want and need to make a living to continue to live here and to enjoy their lives. The level of unemployment is much higher than it has been in years and that means that many talented individuals are looking for the right job.

There's been a few job fairs recently and with so many people looking for jobs, lots of candidates making their way to these fairs with resumes in hand and hoping that a job will be offered soon. It's scary when in desperation a job fair is arranged and there are more companies at the job fair looking to make money than pay money.

In the last 7 days a job fair was held at the Luxor Hotel. The number of vendors participating was very low. It didn't seem like more than 10 companies had booths in the "Job Fair." Of the 10 companies participating, more than half of them were selling something like an educational program instead of offering jobs.

On a positive note, City Center, a mixed-use commercial and residential mega project had a team of employment representatives to take applications and Allegiant Air had information about jobs for Flight Attendants, their Call Center, and a few more positions.

The Navy is also looking for some excellent new recruits. It is very clear that in the Las Vegas Job Zone, much more needs to be done to get people back to work. We need to help people now.

The best way to stimulate the economy is to have people spending money. People only spend money when they are confident that are going to make money.

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