Friday, January 22, 2010

Freelance Success vs Get Hired for a Job

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How many people have talent and ambition and yet they're still trying to figure out how to make a living? - Sometimes, you just need to get started and to put your gifts and talents into use and move forward, create momentum.

People ask how they can do that and the simple answer is to work with the tools available in the marketplace to promote yourself and do some freelance work to get the ball rolling and to start make money come into your home.

The real advantage to freelance work is that it can happen now instead of taking months or maybe years to become a reality.

One of my mottos is "Now would be fine."

Letting cash flow to you is a good thing. It's encouraging and uplifting and feels a whole lot better than unemployement or job application rejection letters. It will help you get by or maybe even turnout to be the source of your entire living.

The places that you apply to freelance will all depend on your business skills. For example, many people with technical skills like web design, programming html, and skills like search engine optimization may offer their skills on a freelance basis at sites such a

We attended Blog World and New Media Expo in Las Vegas in November and were introduced to companies who were hiring those with experience as bloggers. In fact, some very established companies would rather outsource this work than have their own staff take time away from their regular business to participate in social media.

We met executives from

From the leadership at and
we were introduced to sites which are hiring freelance writers, copy editors, videographers, and photographers for current projects and they have lots of freelance opportunities.

For those who have expertise and want to freelance as writers for a publication and can write 4-10 articles weekly, please send an e-mail to and let me help you to look at the categories that best fit for you to freelance. We've been interviewing people on our talk show Successipes about their plans for 2010 for Success.

In fact, you can tune-in daily to our live Las Vegas success talk show at

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