Monday, March 25, 2013

Avoiding Scams When Job Hunting

People who want to find jobs have sadly become prey to those who don't have their best interests in mind. Just when things are tough if you are offered a job from a less than reputable person or company it can take you down a pathway that you don't need and truly don't want.

Easy access to posting jobs is one of the reasons behind the growing trend of those who want to take advantage of others to have more and more channels and ways to do so.

How do you protect yourself from doing business with the wrong people? The best answer is to go out into the world every day with your eyes opened and proceed from a position of awareness and and caution.

Many people are targeted for "employment opportunities" with job offers online and e-mail solicitation. When should your "red flag" go up and what are some strategies to help avoid problems?

If you receive e-mails asking you if you have a computer at home and can receive payments for a company and process those payments , there should be flag going up. One of the most common methods of scams are around processing money for others.

Imagine taking your personal money to make a payment and never getting paid? Imagine handling fraudulent transactions or money laundering for people.

If you are asked for your personal information and bank information and private detailed information about yourself, you are at risk when you provide any of your sensitive personal information to others.

What if you are contacted about a job interview or potential position from a company that you've never heard of and you are not sure how to proceed. You are on the computer if you're reading this now, so use tools to determine if you can about the company's reputation.

You can search  the company name on "Google" and the name of the person who has requested the interview with you. Get details about the company licenses or check with the Better Business Bureau about the reputation of the company before going on an interview.

Readers of my articles have shown me details of negative information about businesses which they said were trying to recruit them and the information available online put so much doubt in their mind about these companies that they did not go for the interviews.

I called the FBI field office in Las Vegas and asked them what people should do if they are receiving "scam e-mails?" They provided me with a website that you can use to report these seriously horrible and often scary e-mails

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Get Yourself Back in the Game

Many people in Las Vegas have been hit hard economically over the four or five years.  If you're reading this article and live in Las Vegas you or someone you know has lost a job, a home, income or their retirement savings, a marriage ,a relationship,and maybe even  lost some of their vital energy and enthusiasm.

You know it's time for improvement and something to get better in your life or theirs.

                 "Success Starts Today. Today is yesterday minus one day, so let's maximize today. All the money in the world will not bring yesterday back."-Lori Wilk

Many  people are taking steps to make their lives better. It's not  uncommon to meet someone who is now living in an apartment that is a fraction of the size of their former home. It's not a surprise to meet people who have been successful for decades getting some help with food programs so they can eat.

 "It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up."-Vince Lombardi, Football Coach
Some shared this "Results Formula" with me and so pick a topic you want to work on... Career and ask yourself the following Five questions about your topic:
1. What results am I getting now?.
.. for some none or minimal might be your answer
-It's time for a dose of honesty and a reality check. If you've avoided this questions, answer it today.

2. What result do I want? ( possibly a brand new career or a better paying job or maybe, just a job)
How can you get what you want if you're not clear about what that is? Visualize what you want. One cool tool is to create a vision or dream board for what you want in all the areas of your life.

Visualize your success or goals. Athletes do this all the time. Tiger Woods visualizes the golf ball going in the whole before making the shot. High divers visualize executing perfect 10-rated dives before jumping from heights into the water. Top salespeople visualize being in the closings before they make the sale. They visualize how they will feel when they are successful doing what they intend to do.

Visualization is a topic we could spend a week on and so this is just to get you started.

If you want a new car for example, go and get the picture of it and put it in a place you can see it every day. You might even use an affirmation written in the present tense as if you already have what you want. How do you write it?
ex. If I want to have a white Cadillac with white leather interior and a moon roof my daily affirmation could be" I have a brand new white Cadillac with a white leather interior and moon roof."

If you want to add the affirmation that includes your new job that you want you might add."  I drive my new white Cadillac to my office where I am an Executive." 

If you want a daily affirmation for that $100,000 job.  You could wake up every morning and say," I am an executive . I earn $100,000 annually helping people with....... . How about.?. "I am happy.I am successful." 

3. What is the difference between what I want and what I have??( I am home and would rather be in an office working, maybe the difference is $50,000 more income a year than you're receiving now.
4. Why?? -Why is there a difference between what I have and what I want?? -- There might be one reason and there could be ten. Make a list and ask yourself the next question.
5. What am I going to do about it???

There are three frogs on a Lily Pad and two decide to go. How many frogs are left on the pad?? all three- They decided to go and they never took the action to jump...

"Never confuse movement with action"-Ernest Hemingway-Writer 

Today, let this granny put the fire under your fanny. Do you need some inspiration, perspiration, education, or mentoring.

Here's an article about free University courses

There's another site which I've joined called "Udemy" and they have courses from Free to various Fees.

Tune-in to my show today or listen to the archives at

Monday, March 18, 2013

New Jobs in Las Vegas

Just the sound of the title"New Jobs in Las Vegas" is encouraging and exciting. As the temperatures start to rise and we've officially sprung an hour forward, we look forward to the opening of a next wave of water theme parks to be launched in Las Vegas.

Coming at the end of May, just in time for Labor Day Weekend, is Wet N Wild Las Vegas. The location of this water theme park which will have 25 thrill rides and attractions is near the I-215 expressway and S. Fort Apache Rd, close to Sunset Rd and Warm Springs.

In looking at their website the job postings are for jobs such as Admission Associate and Admissions Supervisor, Cash Control Associate and Supervisor, Catering and Events Associate, Cook, EMT, Food and Retail Cashier and Supervisor, Lifeguards and Supervisors, Loss Prevention, Maintenance Associates \, Security , Park Services and Park Service Supervisor.

As always, jobs are subject to change so here's the link and I hope to see many of you when WetNWildLas Vegas opens