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Free University Courses to build your Current Skills

Some of you reading this blogpost are looking for a job. Many who will read this want to improve their income and would love a higher-paying job. There will even be readers who are tired of working for someone else and have to get education and that might be standing in their way if their finances are not great and they can't afford thousands of dollars for an Ivy-League education.

Whatever you reason for reading this post, I hope the content will be a life-improver for you. What I am sharing with you I am going to do for myself and my family and learn mover.

I found an organization that sincerely wants to be part of changing the world. They started in April 2012 and have created partnerships with Universities so they can offer a wide variety of University courses for Free.

I've never seen anything like this in the world and there hasn't been until now.  I was so happy to find this source and if I just found it, I couldn't waste any time getting the information out to you because I know there must be a skill or  a class you'd like to get under your belt and get good at. Some of you will go on to mastery and do amazing things.

This post is meant as a source of encouragement, because let's face it, if you're not being as successful as you want to be right now, regardless of how talented and get you have been in your life, it's time to take action. You can't control anyone else, but you can take a course, complete it, learn something, and then let the world know you have this education and use it to the best of your ability to do something positive.

If you want to help me to continue to offer content and to help others, please send people to my posts , articles, and talk show. Thank-you in advance.

This is all very new and once enough people know about this site it will probably become on of the hottest and biggest in the world..That's my prediction. For now, it's our secret so enjoy and get educated.

I was in a seminar and the leader said, "If you're not learning, someone else is.. and when you meet, guess who has the advantage?" I know that here in Las Vegas where the competition for jobs is pretty fierce, one of the best things you can do beside network and meet people who can connect with you jobs, is to build skills, and be able to document "Current Education " on your resume.

There are so many people we've met over the last few years who have 15-25 years of working experience and they still want to or have to be out there to earn a living to support themselves and their families and to have money for retirement. Sadly too many people have lived off of their money which was planned for retirement and they have to make money and get caught up with their savings so they can retire.

Millions of Americans took a financial hit and wiped out everything they had accumulated and then had their equity turned into nothing with the real estate housing bust. It's sad, it's tough, and none of that will pay the bills. Get some education under your belt, connect with new sources of networking, and possibilities and take action.

According to Coursera.Org, "Our hope is to give everyone access to the world-class education that has so far been available to only a select fee. We want to empower people with education that will improve their lives, improve the lives of their families, and improve the communities they live in.

To date, there are 33 Universities participating with Coursera.Org by offering courses and the list keeps growing. The Universities partnering with Coursera include: Princeton, Rice University, John Hopkins University, Ohio State University, Vanderbilt University, Stanford University, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, The University of British Columbia, The University of California at Irvine, The University of California at San Francisco, The University of Edinburgh, The University of Florida, Berklee College of Music, Brown University, California Institute of Technology, Columbia University, Duke University, Emory University, Ecole Polytechnic Federal de Lausanne, Georgia Institute of Technology, Herbrew University of Jerusalem, Icahn School of Medicine Mount Sinai, John Hopkins University, University of Melbourne,University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh, University of Virginia, University of Washington, and University of Toronto.

To get a better understanding of how big a deal this in for a company to create this educational opportunity which they hope will help millions of people to improve their lives, the media coverage about Coursera.Org has been extensive. Articles have appeared in Forbes, The New York Times, on the BBC, Slate, Fast Company, Digital Trends, The Wall Street Journal, CNET, Business Week, USA Today, The Globe and Mail,Tech Crunch, and now this blog.

For those of you who are reading my content for the first time, I write lots of business success articles and you can find some of them at

Here's a little about the Founders of Coursera.Org , some of the Funders of the site, and some of the media attention they've been receiving since their launch.

Coursera.Org was started with 2 Founders: Daphne Koller and Andrew NG. Daphne is the Rajeev Motwani Professor in the Computer Science Department at Stanford. In 2011 she was inducted into the National Academent of Engineering. Andrew is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Stanford and the Director of the Stanford University Artificial Intelligence Lab.

The Funders helping to make Coursera.Org a reality include : John Doerr, Partner in Kleiner Perkins Caufield&Byers; and Scott Sandell, now General Partner of NEA. Scott says his focus in investments are in " informational technology and alternative energy."

The team at Coursera.Org has more than 20 members and they share some of their background on the site which includes that 16 of them attended Stanford University and 18 of the 20 on the team studied computer science in college.

University Courses are presented  for Free at

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Adding Service to Customer Service: Paying Attention to the Customer's Needs

Adding Service to Customer Service: Paying Attention to the Customer's Needs: My wife  and I pay a lot of ATTENTION to our surroundings. My last blogs were about Customer Service. I did not give up on t...

NMX Live from Las Vegas 01/08 by Successipes | Blog Talk Radio

NMX Live from Las Vegas 01/08 by Successipes | Blog Talk Radio

Social Media Strategies Tune-Up Your Tools

The job market in Las Vegas may not be easy, but being in Las Vegas as a writer, there's always new content to share because people come here from around the US and globe for meetings, conventions, entertainment, eating, and gambling.

The NMXLive event at the RIO Hotel and Casino this year had an impressive line-up of speakers a great turnout, and proved to be a place where many people came to not only network but to truly take their businesses to the next level and beyond.

NMXLive covered topics from content creation to e-commerce opportunities. The importance of NMX included for many, ideas and content-packed sessions which could help them to figure out how to create their own source of  "work" in the form of either a business or hobby that could be developed into a thriving business.

By attending many of the supersessions offered at NMX and listening to the stories about how many of the presenters got started in the area of "new media," were stories about losing jobs, being downsized by previous employers, or taking an idea and passion and making something happen, without knowing what might result. Twitter#NMX.

In an interview with NMX Founder Rick Calvert, he shared that NMX is expanding their presence in the Expo world with the acquisition of another Expo, The Small Business Summit NYC." He also shared details of the upcoming travel industry expos he's hosting which draws hundreds of travel bloggers to attend.

NMX was formerly known as BlogWorld and New Media Expo and I was at their last Las Vegas event two years ago and was sorry that it was not in Las Vegas last year and glad that they brought this event to our city this year because of how much of a benefit it offers to people being so chock-full of content.

If you don't know what to do or you want to get better at something and cut the learned curve, go to a conference or expo to get the competetive edge. I remember being told, " If you're not learning someone else is and when you meet, guess who has the advantage?" 

The take-away from NMX is that as more and more companies are expanding their online presence and participating in new platforms, there's work to be done by people who can contribute content, produce content, edit content, have technical skills, sell and marketing products and services.

There will be jobs in "new media" and things to be done, and this is leading many people to become entrepreneurial and to create their own pathways to success. You can forget about getting a job and just get busy getting clients and from the experiences at NMX, there are  many people who want to get more involved or improve their online presence and participation.

If this is new to you or you want to get to an event to learn more and keep pace with these changes moving faster than the speed of light, NMX will return to Las Vegas in January 2014 and be held at the RIO Hotel and Casino.

If you're tired of searching for a job to pay the bills or take care of your life and you're ready to make your living online, well you're not alone and shouldn't go it alone, unless you have technical genius and you happen to be a marketing guru.

According to keynoter, Shari Higgins, CEO at , their Digital Influence Report will be released on February 1. It will help companies and individuals understand more about what's happening online, which metrics are most useful , regarded or watched, and what online actitivies are most effective and even what might be "surprising"  statistics about those less effective platforms to get results for your time and money invested using them.

I did a live interview from the NMX Expo floor which included Steve Olsher, CEO of; Steve Turner of; Jason Kintzler, Author of The New American Startup and CEO of; Brian Messenlehner, Co-Founder of, and business development representative,Kelli from the .ME team.

Steve Olsher is hosting an upcoming event in Chicago being help April 18-20 known as Internet Prophets. Only a tiny percentage of people are making a tremendous amount of money online and this event is for those who want to be one of the 300 attendees who will learn more about what those industry leaders are doing to be successful.

NMX ended with the live presentation of the first episode of a new series hosted by Robert Tercek , produced by LiveLab Network,called "Inventing the Future." This show was live and featured a Social Activist, Gilliam Weston, who was sharing live Twitter interactions from the audience both from the theater on  online. The first guests to be interviewed on this show included Actor and Comedien, Chris Hardwick; CEO of ComScore, Gian Fulgoni, and Kelly Dempski, from Accenture.

Greg Jones, Managing Partner of Suite Partners Inc. told us," The Concept of Live Lab is its ability to create live branded content that engages with the consumer in a way that connect deeply. This content has helped to double social media reach for companies and that benefits everyone." See for yourself at http://www.LiveLab.IS/inventingthefuture. 

You can follow the Twitter conversations for Inventing the Future using #ITF

From Europe, one of the hottest sites for bloggers called "Overblog" came to NMX from France to share best-practices and plans to be a major participant and provider in the blogging space for US content providers. Their main company is

Thanks to the team from Overblog, I've started two blogs
and http://Successipes.Overblog,com

It would take us days to give 100% credit deserved by all those who came to Las Vegas to share industry expertise and know-how and to help others get started or get better at participating in this every-growing world of "new media."

A brand new book by Amy Jo Martin "Renegades Write The Rules" was given to NMX attendees. Amy Jo Martin went from employee to entrepreneur with high-profile partners and a company called "The Digital Royalty." If she was afraid to break the rules as an employee we probably wouldn't have been reading this book. Amy Jo Martin's company is now based in Las Vegas and we learn from her that to be successful you have to start with "betting on yourself."

Amy Jo Martin used social media to help companies be innovative with their business marketing. Now The Digital Royalty has a University with about 100 courses to help individuals and companies learn how to navigate this new arena and gain their own fans.

To be successful, Amy Jo Martin showed attendees a formula they should understand for "ROI" which stands for return on influence. It will help you in business to understand how likely consumers are to engage with your company.What is your company Rev PAF?? Revenue per available follower??

A special program implemented by DRU or Digital Royalty University is "Buy One, Give One." This special program donates a program to a teacher with each paid course purchased. It's based on the concept that when teachers and parents communicate better, the students do better.

Guy Kawasaki was the keynoter in "Going Bananas with Guy" about his new book."APE." For those who heard Guy's interview they know he was candid about business and the real world. He addressed the topic of book self-publishing and said," There's a misconception that self-publishing will lead to crap. The fact is, there was crap before, there's crap now, and there will always be crap. It's not true. Most people don't understand marketing, that's the most important part."


Guy prefers the description "artistical publishing " over self- publishing because he as he clarified." when you take over the publishing process yourself you control it all and you gain the responsibility for everything. There's a group of people out there who want to take control of the publishing process and I call this "artistical publishing." 

He was very encouraging, "Everyone can build a platform and establish themselves as a segment expert."
Guy also took the time to explain how in self-publishing his book,"APE." how he used tools to share his content and asked for feedback from those he sent it to. In thanks he included the name of many in his final book and of course, they wanted to buy a book with their name in it and he made some sales.

Guy tried to simplify the use of various social media platforms as tools to achieve or do different things such as  Facebook for connecting with people, Linked In for "pimping yourself or being pimped." It's a place to be found for work..getting jobs or clients.  Google + as Guy explained is for "sharing your passions." If you are a photographer, for example, you will find a community of photographers on Google+. Guy told the audience," Twitter is a place to share your perspective on things."

If you don't think there's any benefit to a social media tune-up, think again and learn from the NMX keynoter, Dana White, UFC President &CEO. According to Dana, they've got more than 2.3 million followers on Twitter and nearly 600,0000 YouTube Subscribers. The UFC has gone from a business they purchased for $2 million and invested about $44 more million into to become the #1 Pay-Per-View provider Worldwide, #1 Sports selling franchise on DVD. and a fan-focused leader in social media participation.

Dana White also said, "Nothing brings the world together like a good fight."  The UFC is broadcast in 19 languages. Dana shared some of the social media "best-practices" of the UFC which include engaging with the fans through "daily video blogs" which are about 8-10 minutes in length and following social media right from the fights.

The UFC learns how to improve and serve their customers better by talking to the fans and getting feedback and Dana proved to the audience that we wasn't shaken or concerned by whatever he hears by taking live questions from the audience at the end of his interview.

Dana also revealed," Everytime new technology comes out we try it and try to implement it."  He also said that he's not a fan of Instagram and won't participate on that platform, but loves participation on Twitter and Facebook."

It was also refreshing to hear from Dana White that although social media platforms can connect people and the world instantly, the UFC success was not instant and it's been something they've been working to achieve over a period of 13 years.

Scott Monty, Global Head of Social Media, Ford Company; Leo LaPorte, and Stan Slap were keynoters at NMX and their advice and insight is available at

Change keeps happening and for us to be more effective, it's a great time for a social media tune-up. Come back again soon and we'll learn how to adjust together.

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