Thursday, May 8, 2014

Networking about getting work for talented displaced workers with education and experience Twitter Bash #Work4u

What do you do when you have education and experience and you are either unemployed or under-employed? It's tough.

Let me introduce you to a lady who has a way to connect workers with their potential new employers. Her name is Ellen J Harris and she's the founder and CEO of

Ellen knows first hand, in her role  as a an executive management consultant what it takes to help you find a new professional path.

Many of you are already searching online and you are there with millions of others just like you. As Ellen would say, "Your basically invisible."

To help open doors in a personalized,networking environment, Ellen is hosting a free Twitter Bash on Friday May 9, at 11AM PDT/2PM for one hour to open up the lines of communication and you get to be part of the makings of an online community.

"This community, " Ellen continued," blends the emerging market of business owners with high-performance talent, like you. So we need your  input and questions and want you to be there."

Here's how you participate: Step one: go to  and register using Hashtag #Work4U.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Will Your Next Job Deliver Goodness and Happiness?

For some people, work is a four letter word. It is a source of money and it takes their time, and yet, they don't focus on taking a job that fills their heart and their wallet.

What happens when people work for money alone? You see the statistics about worker satisfaction and how dissatisfied people are with their jobs and their lives. Then these unhappy people take their feeling of being less than satisfied, and often boredom and expand their misery to more areas of their lives.

Is there a payoff for you when you don't use your gifts and talents and share them with the world during the time you spend earning a living?

It's not too late to change things.It  you are alive, there's time to fix  a work issue like this. Ask yourself the questions, whether you're reading this today and looking for a job because you are unemployed or you are reading this because you have a job and want something more, better, different, exciting, and new.

Here in Las Vegas as well as parts of California and most of Utah, for example, there's even a company that delivers farm-fresh food right to people's front doors every week called Winder Farms. The milk is so fresh that it was inside the cow a day ago.

I began getting home delivery of  their milk and their chocolate milk( voted second best in the world) without all the extra hormones that are in some other milk and milk products we previously purchased in the supermarkets. The chocolate milk was so good that my husband had a smile on this face every morning and he stopped getting sick from milk.

I decided to check out the careers and long story short, I spent some time working with the team at Winder Farms at special events and setting up fresh-food tasting experiences where I introduced more customers to eating farm-fresh food that was home delivered. We're talking convenient, fresh,and fun.

This is one example of how I made a positive change in my life and my family by taking on a job that brought happiness into our home and made me feel good.