Thursday, May 8, 2014

Networking about getting work for talented displaced workers with education and experience Twitter Bash #Work4u

What do you do when you have education and experience and you are either unemployed or under-employed? It's tough.

Let me introduce you to a lady who has a way to connect workers with their potential new employers. Her name is Ellen J Harris and she's the founder and CEO of

Ellen knows first hand, in her role  as a an executive management consultant what it takes to help you find a new professional path.

Many of you are already searching online and you are there with millions of others just like you. As Ellen would say, "Your basically invisible."

To help open doors in a personalized,networking environment, Ellen is hosting a free Twitter Bash on Friday May 9, at 11AM PDT/2PM for one hour to open up the lines of communication and you get to be part of the makings of an online community.

"This community, " Ellen continued," blends the emerging market of business owners with high-performance talent, like you. So we need your  input and questions and want you to be there."

Here's how you participate: Step one: go to  and register using Hashtag #Work4U.

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