Tuesday, July 12, 2011

ChangeYourLunch, ChangeYourLife: Shaking Up the Economy and Feeling Great

ChangeYourLunch, ChangeYourLife: Shaking Up the Economy and Feeling Great: "You can't help but notice but more and more companies are embracing the trend towards shaking the way to a healthier and more trim body. I e..."

Monday, July 11, 2011

O Desk freelance job site work at home opportunities

The stories about unemployment make daily headlines and millions of Americans are trying to figure out what to do to pay their bills and make ends meet. O Desk is another site for those who are willing to apply for freelance opportunities.

The philosophy for many has become," if you can't get the money you need on one job because you don't have one great job, take as many smaller jobs and freelance your way to surviving and thriving."

It's easy to set up an account and the ODesk site allows the contract employee a variety of methods to receive payment including PayPal , wire transfer, and direct deposit of the money. There are a few additional methods to receive payment so getting paid has been made easy. There's also additional verification and authenticity steps on the site so that you can prove your identity and be sure that you are the real person doing the work and being compensation.

What types of jobs are posted at the ODesk site? The very technical-related freelance positions from webdesign and programming content to virtual assistant possibilities are listed on the site.

There's also skill testing right on the site so that applicants can prove they are capable of fulfilling jobs they apply for based on various skill sets. The amount of money offered for many of the jobs posted did surprise me at first because there were so many opportunities geared to non-US residents offering lower than expected rates of pay. That's not what we all want to hear that the payments offered for services rendered can be lower than you might have expected.

I won't quote the direct ad, but am not shy to write that one ad requested bids for a writing job based on $2 an hour. Please, has this person not been following the price of gas lately. The person who does that job will have to stay home because it will take a few hours of work just to pay for a gallon of gas.

The best part about this freelance site is that you can look at a request for a bid or a job posting with a budget and make a decision whether or not you would like to apply for the work. If the budget doesn't match your requirements and you don't like the income offered, you don't offer to do the job or bid on it.

If you've never considered hiring others to help you with a skill or project you lack or don't have time to do or just prefer not to do because you could pay someone else to do it, then ODesk might be just the place to find people to freelance for you.

There's such a huge expectation in the marketplace the individuals and companies will be participating in various forms of social media, and using marketing platforms such a e-books, blogs, and article writing as part of their overall marketing strategies.There's not enough time to do everything and that makes finding freelancers a win-win for the participants.

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