Saturday, June 22, 2013

Naked house cleaning job was posted on a Vegas job website

If you watched the local Las Vegas news in the last few days there were stories about arrests at homes being used for prostitution. Nevada laws prohibit prostitution in Las Vegas. Prostitution  is legal and regulated in some parts of  Nevada, not in Las Vegas.

In Las Vegas we can be sexy, but it's illegal to sell "SEX." .

In the last few days I was looking   through the most recent  job openings posted on a number of websites I subscribe to with the intention of trying to decided what to write in my new blog posts. I found this posting about the  naked housecleaning jobs offered by a company in North Las Vegas which stated that these openings were for jobs paying 75/hr.

At first when someone reads the job posting they might be saying to themselves, what do I have to clean to earn $75 per hour? It's even hard to write about seeing this posting in this blog because in my heart of hearts I would want all my readers who are looking for jobs to find them and I want people to make a good living and be able to enjoy living in Las Vegas. I want good things for people and I would love to be able to say that there are high paying jobs out there just waiting to be filled.

The job posting for the naked Housecleaners had the initials NHC in the job posting and it really made me wondered. I found the job posting humorous and then horrible. I laughed I came across one for Naked Housecleaners using initials NHC and I found it both humorous and then horrible. It became horrible as I imagined someone taking this job, entering a home alone to get paid $75 to clean it naked and then being in danger.

If someone wants to be a house cleaner or other cleaner I am not one to judge. I am all for clean properties and clean people, and I would not judge someone for being a nudist or enjoying taking their clothing off for a living. My concern is with the safety of the person making that sort of choice and leaving themselves in a vulnerable position to be harmed physically, emotionally or both.

This sort of job is in a home and not a commercial setting such as a strip club where there are at least other people around and possible protection in a situation that doesn't go as planned or someone gets out of control.

Every day people disappear and are never found and the state of Nevada has a reputation as one of the worst places in the nation for situations of domestic violence.

My words of caution as you go job hunting today are to be careful about who you chose to work for and under what conditions you chose to make money. You are special and your life is valuable and worth protecting.

In fact, if you have any questions or concerns about a potential employer or job you are considering, do your homework and check on the company or individual before you say "Yes." Each city has requirements for business licensing and you should be sure instead of being sorry.

It's possible that the naked housecleaning job is really not for cleaning houses at all , I was surprised that it was listed on a job website and I wonder if the job website has verified the company information before allowing this to be posted.
I ask you my readers to keep me informed about job postings you are finding whether in print or online and if there's something I should be warning people about, please send me the news.

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