Sunday, October 20, 2013

Preparing Yourself for Success and Updating Your Skills

Thanks for joining me today so we have a real honest discussion together. I am going to pretend you are with me, sitting beside me in this lounge chair on the beach in Florida. We're going to talk about your journey to greater success.

I hear what you are saying that you've lost your job or your income and cash flow is just not flowing like it was about five years ago . I understand you have some big decisions to make. It's time to figure out what to do next and the time is now.

I understand that you haven't been clear about what to do.I have been in that place of confusion and lots of frustration.

Depression is not the pathway to take for success. It is a downward spiral that can be disasterous. Instead, accept frustration as your friend. Let frustration be a motivator for you to seek out new possibilities.

You have options. I have met people who were going through depression and to them I say please find something other than drinking, drugs-prescribed or otherwise, gambling, and emotional pain, take actions, change your mind, move your body, change your life.

We need you and the time is now. Please find out what you are here to contribute to the world and take steps to share your gifts and talents with us. You are not alone and there are coaches who can help you take theses new steps.

It's been amazing what I've heard from people out there in the workplace today and those who have taken the leap to become entrepreneurs. The fact is  many people  have opened businesses in the last five years in fields they have never been in before and many of them are starting to experience success like they have never had before

Those entrepreneurs who have embraced learning new technology and skills and who are participating on these new platforms are part of a larger growing group of people who are having more success than they had imagined possible. That's encouraging news. I'll take that all day.

Success is not instant like rice. If you have experience in life and business and many of my readers do, you can take your skills, gifts, talents , and experience and make money. You just need a few adjustments in how you go about creating your business.

Many of us need to embrace new technology and to participate in online platforms to gain experience, exposure, and to make new connections. Yes, networking is still a key to success, it's just that some of the people you meet might not be there in person at a meeting, these connections and networking can happen online.

I want to encourage you. I know that you have what it takes. "Believe in what you do, then others will too."-Lori Wilk .

Having  business and life experience and knowing what to do with it will take you to making a living again. You just need some guidance about how to use what you've got.

It's time to package yourself for success. Send out a tweet using the hashtag#NWBF which stands for my statment of urgency and means Now Would Be Fine and I'll be able to follow your progress. Connect with me on Twitter@Successipes


Business is still business. In business people market and sell products and /or services to make money. The promotion, marketing, and the way people experience and receive your products and services has changed. Fabulous. That means there are more pathways than ever before to success.
Think of it as a highway to success. Where are you getting on?

There are more tools and more platforms and more channels than ever before. This is like a global goldmine, you just have to learn how to participate.

Did you know that many entrepreneurs who create and sell products and services online have more international customers than ever before because the Internet helps us to be part of a global business community.

Let me be clear "You do not have to read this You do not have to change.You do not have to learn anything .You do not have to grow . You have a right to stay as you are.. If you are willing to work for minimum wage ---if you can find someone to Hire you for Minimum Wage -because you are overqualified.

Do you want to be broke, old, and depressed? It is an option... I think you are sitting next to me here on the beach because you have had enough being disappointed and Depressed and you want real money again.

Here's the option- Let's get you the skills you need and a Personal Success Plan for Growth and Income... Let's build this and get started...

I was at an event the other day and the person in charge of the marketing department for this company was the age of my son. It was very clear that those of us who have years of business experience had best get up to speed with what we need to compete.

Here's the best news yet--- The world needs what you have, you just have to get this to the world in the format they need to receive it in. That's just a few skills away from where you are now.

It's time to lift yourself and your spirits UP. To be energized and excited again about the possibilities.
You can be an entrepreneur and create your own destiny or you can work for others with these new skills and your yours of business experience. Both are options,

Work on yourself and your skills. Be visible and get known. Build your online reputation. Participate as professional and showcase your skills in the online global marketplace. Get endorsements and recommendations from others who know you and of your talents and experience.

Have you claimed your place in Cyberspace. One way to participate in the online marketplace is by having your own web domain. The latest news is that there are now 700 web domain extensions in the marketplace. That's more than you need to know about.

One simple step is to see if you can have a website in your own name with the domain ending in dot com. For example, I reserved the web domain for Lori Wilk

One of the free tools you can use to learn how to be more effective and boost your social media skills and to network and learn from others is on a site called Empire Avenue. I am learned from others and growing as well.

Social media and learning how to use it to your advantage is one of the skills that we all need to be more effective and connected in this world. To learn more about social media I have spent some time on the Empire Avenue using the name of my talk show as my name there which can be found at

If this tool helps you , feel free to e-mail me there and let me know. 

Another way to update your skills for success is get motivation and inspiration from books, audio, or watching dvds, or all of the above.

Some new books which I would recommend include: Mastery: 48 Laws of Power and Consistency: Prosperity Mindset Training for Sales and Business Professionals.

Once you have a personal web domain like I reserved with the, another free step you can take is to find out how to boost how the page for your domain shows up in online searches and I have worked on this using They have a free and premium paid version. I started with the free version.

I often interview and write about what entrepreneurs are doing to be successful You can read these  articles at

Thanks for joining me and I look forward to sharing more time together again soon. Let me know if  you're ready to join me on the chair by the beach. The best compliment you can give me is to share this blog with others.

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